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GLUBBS™️ Wholesale Cases | Biodegradable Gloves | Decompose 100X Faster

GLUBBS™️ Wholesale Cases | Biodegradable Gloves | Decompose 100X Faster

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Bio-Degradable Climate Smart Tech™
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How durable are they, do they rip easily?

Glubbs gloves come in 5 Mil thickness with an AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) of 1.5. They are preferred for applications that require frequent glove changes from food service to janitorial to salon and beauty. For these kinds of uses they are tear and puncture resistant.

Nitrile Gloves take 200+ years to biodegrade, what makes Glubbs different?

A Bio-Additive in Glubbs attracts microorganisms from landfill soil inducing rapid microbial acclimatization to the synthetic rubber (aka nitrile) resulting in biodegradation. Glubbs are tested for biodegradability using ASTMD511 standard test that show they break down 36.5% in the first 513 days in these conditions.

What is "CST"?

Glubbs Climate Smart Tech™ (CST) is the innovation behind the biodegradability of our gloves which are designed to biodegrade in landfills through a microbial process, without leaving any harmful residue.

Would these work for hair stylists?

Yes! They are suitable to wear if you are working in hair care and hair styling as they are chemically resistant to alcohols, acids, caustics , oils and gasses. Please keep away from high heat.

Are these safe to use in the kitchen?

YES! Glubbs gloves are FDA approved Food Safe.

Can you compost Glubbs?

Glubbs gloves are not suitable for composting and are specifically designed to break down in the anaerobic conditions of landfills.

How do I throw out Glubbs?

Please throw out your Glubbs gloves in regular trash disposal.