Your Vinyl Gloves Are Poisoning You.

Alarming? Absolutely.

Every year, 300 billion gloves are used worldwide, 30 billion in the US food industry, and 22.5 billion of those are vinyl

How Do Vinyl Gloves Harm You?

Vinyl gloves are pumped with chemicals called phthalates. They make plastics more flexible. They make up 50% of the raw materials in vinyl gloves. You’re basically putting on a bundle of phthalates, not a pair of gloves.

Hormonal Harm

Extensive research has shown that phthalates lower testosterone, causing male reproductive issues. They also affect fertility, contribute to early puberty, and increase the risk of low birth weight.

Infant & Reproductive Harm

Phthalates transfer from mother to fetus during pregnancy, potentially impairing brain development and increasing risks of learning, attention, and behavioral disorders in children.

Obesity & Diabetes Risk

Phthalates disrupt your metabolic process, potentially contributing to type II diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity by interfering with normal metabolic functions and hormone regulation.

Cancer Risk

A 2019 study found that a high level of exposure to a certain type of phthalate is associated with higher rates of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.

Think of the children.

Because their little bodies are built different, children sponge up phthalates in a way that adults don’t.

You already know all the frightening things they do to adults. One study indicated that children had nearly 3x higher exposure to phthalates than adults who were exposed to the same amount, in one scenario.

Take note: your breast milk isn’t safe either. Phthalates have been found in abundance in breast milk, where they last longer because they aren’t as easily broken down.


Hands off my food, please?

You are what you eat. And you’re eating phthalates.

Food is the main avenue for human exposure to phthalates. It’s in wrappers, food processing equipment and, you guessed it, the vinyl gloves worn by food preppers. 

The prepper and the consumer are both leaching phthalates into their system. 

According to the most recent consumer report in 2024, high levels of phthalates were found in almost 100%of food items tested at grocery stores and fast food restaurants.

So, what about the alternativx


If vinyl gloves are the problem child, Latex was, at one point, the promise land. Latex can be naturally derived from rubber trees and it feels like skin. Sounds stellar, right? Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Two actually. 

  • Thousands of people are allergic to latex.

    Up to 6% of the general population, and up to 12%(!) of healthcare workers can have a latex allergy. Symptoms range from mild skin irritation and hives, to life-threatening anaphylaxis. This seems like a steep risk for putting on a pair of gloves.

  • We’ve lost billions of trees to rubber plantations.

    If deforestation isn’t your jam, then stay away from latex gloves. Researchers recently found that we’ve lost 2-3x more rubber trees than previously thought - and that’s in Southeast Asia alone! While latex has decent biodegradability, we can’t award it any sustainability accolades thanks to all the trees it kills in the process.

  • Nitrile

    A solution to latex allergies came in the form of nitrile, a strong, hypoallergenic and synthetic rubber. Nitrile has become the standard in healthcare. But, because we can’t have nice things, there was a problem with this one too. 

  • Nitrile takes over 200 years to break down. By the time that nitrile glove you tossed in the trash during covid breaks down, your great-great-great-great-great grandkids will be kicking.  

How Using Glubbs Can Benefit You?

Does this make you sad? Us too. That's why we created Glubbs – the perfect gloves that keep you safe and sterile without harming the environment, ensuring happiness for you and your customers.

Breaks Down in Just 3-5 Years

Engineered to decompose within 3-5 years, significantly faster than traditional gloves.

No Microplastics

Prevents microplastic pollution, protecting oceans and wildlife from harmful plastic particles.

Biodegradable Nitrile

Made from nitrile that breaks down naturally, ensuring your gloves don’t contribute to long-term waste.


Free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, ensuring safety for both users and the environment.

Certifiably Cute

Designed to be appealing without compromising on functionality or environmental responsibility.

Not Owned by an Evil Corporation

Independently owned, so you can trust that ethical practices are at the forefront of our operations.


Safe for those with sensitive skin, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

No Forever Chemicals

Free from persistent chemicals that can remain in the environment indefinitely, ensuring a cleaner planet.


Biodegrades in 2-5 Years

60% Better Than Vinyl Gloves



Founded by Fiki.

None of this environmentally friendly excellence would be possible without our founder, Fikile aka Fiki. Born in landlocked Lesotho, Africa, she’s an eco-entrepreneur who founded glubbs on a principle of compassion for glove wearers. She’s out to change the glove industry for the better.

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8 Reasons Why You'll Love Glubbs


10x More Biodegradable

Decomposes ten times faster than traditional gloves, significantly reducing environmental impact.


FDA Approved

Meets stringent FDA standards, ensuring safety and quality for all users.


Germ Resistant

Provides superior protection against germs, keeping both staff and customers safe.


Medical Grade

Offers the highest level of protection, suitable for medical and high-contact environments.


Puncture Resistant

Durable and reliable, reducing the risk of tears and punctures during use.


Sustainable Nitrile

Made from eco-friendly materials, minimizing environmental harm while maintaining high performance.


Fit, Look, and Good for the Planet

Perfect fit and stylish design, ensuring comfort and eco-friendliness.


Relaxing Experience to Customers

Soft and gentle on the skin, providing a comfortable and pleasant experience.

We Were Sick Of Cancer-Causing, Landfill-Clogging Gloves.

Before glubbs, there was an unacceptable lack of sustainable, healthy options for glove wearers. And the deeper we dug, the grimmer it got. Turns out, glove manufacturers carelessly pump their gloves full of cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting chemicals that harm your health. Not to mention, the health of those who use or consume what you touch with them (hello, patients, customers, babies, eaters of food…). Strap in for a harsh, heartbreaking education on what you’ve been wearing.

Designed To Last At No Cost To The Environment

Here at glubbs, we’re so proud to be the little glove that could. We hope to usher in a world where gloves don’t clog landfills, allow contamination, or give users cancer or health problems. 

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