• blue is for scrubs. wear glubbs.

blue is for scrubs. wear glubbs.

We're not gloves, we're glubbs

We’re not latex either...we’re glubbs and we’re made of nitrile - only the most chemical and puncture resistant rubber ever! 

So viruses? We block them.

Oils and acids? We repel them. 

Subway handles? We handle them, so that you don’t have to. 

On the other hand (see what we did there?) we care about the environment. So when you throw us out we break down 10x faster than the other, basic nitrile gloves.

We also come in cute pouches so you can take us with you on the go, use us in pairs or live the single life!

~ lubb, glubbs

You out here wearing the gloves that came in that perm box, ain't you?? 👀


Using the technology developed by our manufacturer - glubbs have all the benefits of nitrile while making sure they attract microbial activity in biologically active landfills - making them break down 10 x faster.


Glubbs were invented for young medical professionals on the move. They are FDA approved medical and examination grade - safe to use at home or in healthcare environments.


Nitrile rubber is the disposable glove industry standard for a reason - it's strong! Glubbs are nitrile and so they are puncture, chemical and germ resistant.


Because glubbs are nitrile, they do not cause latex associated allergies. They are also powder free making them hypoallergenic.

Be the first to get your hands in glubbs!